Equity & Inclusion Fund

Equity & Inclusion Fund Committee Members

Leading the Equity & Inclusion Committee for 2021 is Chair Shawn Shackleford, along with 14 other community members. He started with the committee when it began in 2020 and has been busy working with other members to support local minority and women-owned small businesses in response to challenges brought on by the COVID-19 crisis. Shackelford, who also serves on the Grants Committee and is a Board Trustee, has been pursuing a mission of equity in his position as principal at Central Middle School. Since he came to the school in 2017, he has worked to implement a restorative approach in addressing disparities: analyzing data, educating faculty, transforming discipline policies and engaging youth in mentoring programs.

Strategic Priorities 2020-2023

Minority Owned Small Business & Women

  • Relationship collaboration in building trust
  • Re-engaging folks
  • Discover safe spaces of growth for new WMOSB
  • Connecting WMOSB to resources
  • Education

  • Partnerships with schools to connect folks to higher education
  • Drive trust with underrepresented community groups
  • Schools, communities, churches and businesses
  • Colleges and trades
  • Investments that help folks tell their story

  • Support health initiatives for underrepresented groups
  • Food disparity support in the community
  • Engage in Community Circles to hear the voices of folks
  • Minority member support, education, S.T.E.A.M. & Trade training/ Women and Coding Programs