Looking back on 2016, we realize none of the accomplishments listed below would have been possible without our donors and partners.  So THANK YOU for yet another great year of making our communities better together.

We attracted four college graduates back home with our Come Home Reverse Scholarship program
We popped up a farmer’s market with support for our friends at the Michigan Health Endowment Fund
We generated electricity while ready books with the Avoca Green Read & Ride program
We fed over600 kids through Fueling the Future and Friday Food for Kids programs
We teamed up with Tim Lelito of the Detroit Lions to establish Lelito’s Legacy Foundation Fund
We awarded over $2million in grants and scholarships
We committed to providing tuition assistance for preschoolers in collaboration with St. Clair County’s Great Start Collaborative
We partnered with the Johnson Center for nonprofit workshops
We gathered several hundred friends to experience the power of philanthropy at the 100 Men and 100+ Women events
We grew to over $60 million in total assets

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