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Priority Areas (2016-2018)


The Community Foundation addresses our region’s opportunities and challenges while helping donors achieve their goals by connecting them with like-minded donors and partners striving to improve our quality of life and increase our regional vibrancy and prosperity.

Strategic Priorities 2016-2018

During this next cycle the Foundation will focus its financial and organizational resources on People & Place.

By investing in “People” and “Place” we will pursue tactics and initiatives which will help lead to a healthy and vibrant regional economy – a place to “live, work and play”. Under this philosophy, our discretionary and competitive grant programs will give preference to projects within these priority areas:

  1. Community & Economic Prosperity
  2. Cradle to Career Exploration
  3. Healthy Lifestyles

Community & Economic Prosperity

  • Placemaking
  • Our downtowns – their vitality and continued revitalization
  • Waterfront development and utilization
  • Regional collaboration and planning
  • Entrepreneurism
  • Nonprofit capacity building

Cradle to Career Exploration

  • Emphasis on Skilled trades and apprenticeship programs
  • Exploration and preparation for career and lifetime success after K-12
  • Childhood literacy
  • Pathways to careers in skilled trades
  • Hands-on learning and training programs for youth and adults alike, including under-educated or under-trained adults looking for new career options
  • Programs and projects to re-engage students who do not complete a college degree in a traditional timeframe or who leave college to explore other options

Healthy Lifestyles

  • Friday Food and the coordination with feeding older siblings
  • Year-round access to healthy foods and necessities
  • Greater access to healthy food year-round including summer-time food programs, farmers markets, mobile food trucks, and farm-to-table programs, projects and initiatives, especially those targeting at-risk and neglected segments of our population
  • Coordination of efforts aimed at providing basic necessities to school-aged children and a more systematic effort at aiding these support systems year-round
  • Programs, projects and initiatives targeting the entire family: their well-being and their success in life and their ability to contribute to our region’s growth and prosperity

Note: : These priorities apply only to those funds owned and managed by the Community Foundation for which the donors have given the Foundation complete discretion in the spending of available funds.  The Foundation manages multiple other field of interest funds, donor advised funds, and specifically designated funds that may continue to support a wide range of other programs, projects and initiatives outside of these priority areas, including arts, culture, parks & recreation, college awareness and preparation, scholarships, etc.

Vision Statement

We enhance the spirit of philanthropy within our community and identify opportunities for collaboration which help transform our community - both the people and the place - by compounding the resources of our donors and the efforts of the “doers”.

Through the creation, management and administration of permanently endowed funds along with project specific funds, the Foundation supports the efforts of our donors, volunteers, friends and partners to work for the common good of the residents of St. Clair County.

Our goal is to help transform our communities and the lives of our residents by collaborating to tackle big challenges facing our region – as well as seizing upon new opportunities.

We bring together the doers and donors from among our constituents, our residents, other nonprofits, business, government and other sectors—the people who care about our community and know how to get things done.

We take a big-picture view of tough challenges – education, the economy, the waterfront, our unique downtown assets – so we can respond to community needs, leverage resources, and create lasting change.

In addition to making outright grants, the Foundation is currently engaged in the following key initiatives:


Additional Information

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